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What is a Monument:

Monuments are markers placed in the field using precise measuring devices and surveying techniques representing nothing more than a point in space. Monuments are used to show property corners, tract corners, flood control elevations, section corners for the public land survey system, rights-of-way, state and national boundary lines, and benchmarks for a wide variety of uses including navigation and GPS systems. Monuments can be anything from a brass or aluminum cap with a surveyor's number printed on it to a rock with an "X" chiseled into it by a pioneer in the 1800's.

From time to time, monuments become lost, destroyed, or obliterated and a property owner or developer would require a surveyor to relocate and restore the monument. According to Colorado State Law, public land survey monuments that are destroyed must be restored during the process of submitting a boundary survey or subdivision plat.

aluminimum cap
stone monument

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